tennis court resurfacing & repair

tennis court resurfacing & repair

Firstly, there are a number of reasons why a court may need a tennis court resurfacing & repair. Naturally a court will deteriorate over time which may lead to resurfacing being required.  Secondly, regular maintenance of the court’s surface will help to slow the deterioration process but any surface.

However, particularly one in regular use, will have a natural lifespan, after which it will require resurfacing or repairs to maintain its play characteristics. If a court has been neglected (typically where a private court has remained un-used for a number of years) natural deterioration and the requirement for resurfacing can occur much sooner.

Courts Fencing

Many sports courts do not require fencing, but tennis courts do. If you do not have fencing around the court, it is hard to control where the balls go during game play. Fencing can also help reduce wind and noise from outside, allowing the players to perform their best. Contact us today for Court fence repair, repaint and replace 

Courts Maintenance

In this paragraph, l am going to discuss a few reasons why you need to maintain your court. Firstly, court maintenance is very important in order to avoid more serious problems which can occur over time, and to maintain ideal court playing conditions.

Secondly, we know you would rather spend more time playing on your court instead of cleaning it, so leave the hard work to us. In conclusion, contact us today for a package that will suit you.

Crack Repair

Asphalt tennis courts naturally crack over time. It is important to deal with small cracks right away, before they become large, costly problems in the future. Call us today & let us do what we do best. 


We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Moreover, we guarantee 100% quality on construction, repair, court resurfacing, and maintenance in all sports surfaces.

Whether you are looking to change the surface of your court or replaced a worn or damage surface, we offer tennis court resurfacing and repair services for all popular court types. Contact us today to find out how we can help with the maintenance and resurfacing of your tennis court.

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tennis court resurfacing & repair